From BMWs perspective it would make a lot of sense: Firstly, it would cater to a business segment that has long/ forever been neglected by BMW - the high end sportscar, supercar market. The one that is currently covered by VAG (through Porsche, to some extent Audi and of course Lamborghini) and Mercedes (through the… » 8/19/14 8:20am Yesterday 8:20am

The BMW Z8, a car so beautiful it is ridiculous. A car so beautiful it makes my head hurt. A design so timeless, I always turn my head whenever I see one. A car so rare that I have memoized all number plates of the ones that are in my area. And they built only 5,703 of it. » 8/18/14 11:45am Monday 11:45am

The German system is called Schufa and it only records missed payments or defaults not the entire credit history of a consumer. It's relatively hard to get a Schufa entry but once you got one, it's even harder to get rid of it. » 8/17/14 5:30pm Sunday 5:30pm

Not a sneaker head, but I collect sunglasses. I think it's unfair to call people "stupid" for spending money on something they enjoy. I'm pretty sure you also spent money on something that had a price beyond it's intrinsic value (capital, labor, material etc.). » 8/17/14 11:08am Sunday 11:08am

Coming from a town that has seen its fair share of riots and a country that probably has a "better" protest culture, I can tell you aggressive police presence can be the straw that broke the camels back. Every year on May 1st, we have these huge demonstrations in Berlin (and other German cities too). Up until the mid… » 8/13/14 8:10am 8/13/14 8:10am

Is the E24 really that unreliable? I thought M30s were indestructible. Our smaller R6 M20B20 in the E30 for instance has been running like a charm for the past 20+ years. There were two electrical issues (50% were attributable to an old battery leaking over the circuit board) that were solved by the mechanic next door… » 8/04/14 3:25am 8/04/14 3:25am